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SKYY Vodka Social Media

developed for SKYY Vodka

I had just helped BFG land SKYY’s social business, when SKYY vodka launched it’s new “West of Expected” campaign, created by Venables Bell & Partners in 2014.

It was my job to make sure that campaign, which led with 6 TV spots, came to life across their social properties as well.

This required a re-vamp of the Brand Voice online to match the nuances and subtle humor of the above-the-line campaign.

With all eyes on the brand’s KPIs, our team revamped the creative look on social, updated the voice and brought fresh thinking to our engagement strategy online.

The fresh look and tone complemented our content strategy for forcing vodka drinkers to take a second look at SKYY, an already globally successful brand.

In addition to the new campaign, we had to balance messaging with in-market partnerships, such as Toast to Marriage and Boiler Room #SKYYstream.

The results were a success for SKYY.

In just over a month:

  • The campaign generated over 4MM social brand mentions.
  • Facebook engagement was up 192% higher than the industry average, with Organic Impressions up 72%.
  • Share of Voice increase 36% over key competitors.
  • Instagram community grew 15%.


  • Client - SKYY Vodka
  • Date Completed - 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
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