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Mello Yello Social Media

developed for Mello Yello / The Coca-Cola Company

BFG had worked with Coca-Cola’s citrus flavored drink, Mello Yello, since the rebranding & relaunch in 2010/2011. The Retro Smooth campaign and digital work did well (awarded even), but as the brand saw renewed investment and took over the title sponsorship of the Mello Yello NHRA Drag Racing Series in 2013, another brand overhaul was in order.

Mello Yello had some racing roots, as Tom Cruise drove a Mello Yello sponsored car in Days of Thunder, then they sponsored NASCAR a few years after that, but it has been a while since they were on the scene.

My team ran the Mello Yello social accounts, and once strategic repositioning for the brand was complete, my team translated that strategy into an updated voice and content plan. We introduced more of the NHRA activity and transition the messaging from a youth-centric, edgier voice, to a more middle america male approach.

We incorporated new partnerships in the messaging as well, such as American Pickers on The History Channel.

  • Client - Mello Yello / The Coca-Cola Company
  • Date Completed - 2013,2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Digital Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Content Strategy
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