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EveryDrop Water Filter (Whirlpool Water)

developed for Whirlpool

BFG developed the EveryDrop Water Filter from soup-to-nuts for Whirlpool. From naming the product, to package design, to print, tv, and digital ads, we were all-in on the EveryDrop.

This innovative product from Whirlpool has been well-received by the market.

My social team had some fun with it as well… A Twitter-driven scavenger hunt at Whirlpool’s corporate headquarters kicked off the launch, getting employees involved first in the social activity with the brand.

We saw an opportunity in early 2014, playing off some timely social commentary, when the City of San Francisco banned plastic water bottles, to run a social-driven paid campaign that drove nearly 100K impressions over a week or so.

We also ran a digital influencer program to build some buzz among bloggers online. The program was very successful and the product was picked up by Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Chatterbox, BlogHer & more.

Focusing on the healthy lifestyle and portability aspects of the product, the team grew EveryDrop’s social ecosystem to over 75K strong, in about a year, and continues to gain steam.

  • Client - Whirlpool
  • Date Completed - 2013-2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Social & Digital Strategy, Content Strategy, Online Branding
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