• espolon
  • Our call to action was bold
  • Our bottle art was rememberable
  • Ramon leads the charge
  • Fans loved to snap the OOH
    like no tomorrow
  • Fan shared murals
  • More murals from fans
  • Espolon celebrates Mexico in the World Cup
  • Sorry, We're Open!
    Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.55.13 PM
  • This guy's groupies were going to riot if he didn't win
  • Vice partnership included custom online 'zines, sponsored by ESPOLON
    espolon vice
  • fan tattoo of Ramon
    espolon tequila tattoo2


developed for ESPOLON Tequila


While at BFG, I led the digital strategy for this new cult classic Tequila brand, and as the lead strategic agency we positioned the brand to ruffle some feathers in a crowded market.

I am proud to say I helped build this brand, as it was a truly integrated program.

Multi-channel efforts blended unique out-of-home murals into social media gold. Solid on-premise and bartender advocacy programs kept our street cred with tastemakers. Well-paired media partners, such as Vice and Thrillist, hooked us up with key influencers, drove reach, and provided truly unique native content.

But, most importantly, the ESPOLON twist. Our strong voice of Ramon and bold creative statements challenged the creative protagonists and makers out there. Jose Posada was the inspiration and #LetsStirThingsUp is the battle cry.

Through careful brand planning and a strong content strategy, the brand’s social ecosystem grew over 475% since taking over the brand in August of 2013. Social sentiment for the brand was nearly perfect at a positive 96%. And, social growth wasn’t the only reward, either… ESPOLON became (and remains) the fastest growing brand in the Campari America portfolio.

Maybe even more important is the brand love… fans go nuts for ESPOLON and shared plenty of tattoos with us!

  • Client - ESPOLON Tequila
  • Date Completed - 2013-2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Brand Strategy, Social and Digital Strategy, Content Strategy, Experiential Events
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