Carter the Beagle

Carter the Beagle is a rescue from Atlanta Humane Society. Carter has about 3 years agency experience (seriously, he goes to the office), and can sniff out a good spot for lunch. If you get a chance to meet him, he will undoubtedly bark at you… take no offense, it’s just his way of saying “hello!”

Here’s how he’s been performing lately:

Making His Presence Known
Sitting Still
Bringing Me His Dinner Ball
Hiding His Emotions From His Tail


  • My Skills - Barking, baying, howling, sniffing out food, hopping on tables
  • My Equipment - One heck of a nose and a bark that goes to eleven.
  • My Likes - Apples, Training, His Brother Maverick
  • My Dislikes - Cats, anyone with or without a dog in or around his house